Xingou Circuit Board Co., Ltd.

Xingou Circuits is a production-oriented manufacturer focusing on PCB and PCBA. The company was established in 2015. The production base is located in Dongguan Shatian Town and Zhuhai High-tech Zone. The plant area is 10,000 square meters, and there are 300 employees. The factory is equipped with full-process equipment and has a monthly production capacity of 30,000. Square meters (single-sided board, double-sided board, multilayer board, metal substrate). The company has passed ISO9001, IS014000, UL, CQC and other certifications. Product performance meets IPC, ROHS, REACH and other industry standards and requirements. The company's products are widely used in computers, communications, networks, instruments, digital products, LED lighting, and medical equipment. , Aerospace, industrial control and other fields. The product exports accounted for 60%, domestic sales accounted for 40%; single layer accounted for 10%, double layer accounted for 50%, multilayer board accounted for 30%, and metal base accounted for 10%.



Business philosophy

1. Market-oriented, customer-based,
2. Prioritize quality and achieve common goals


Quality Policy

Quality first, keep improving, and strive to create a century-old prosperous brand.


Corporate Vision

Leading the industry in achieving technology and efficiency on a global scale

Three characteristic guarantees
  • Raw material protection

    Use Shengyi Tg140-170 sheet material, TU-768 TU872 sheet material, and Sun's full range of inks to ensure the quality of each board

  • Quality Assurance

    All products use AOI optical scanning, The test pass rate reaches 99.8%, and the quality is reliable and stable

  • Delivery Guarantee

    Single and double panel shipping within 24 hours, Four-layer board shipped within 48 hours, six-layer board shipped within 48 hours


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Quality Assurance

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Logistics guarantee

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After-sales service

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